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Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition Counseling in Warren, MI

The mere mention of nutrition rehabilitation or weight loss can send a positively happy jolt to your system when it comes to making changes. There's a host of recommendations our professional team provides, and it is our mission to ensure your path to health is full of guidance and support. Aside from our chiropractic care, our nutritional counseling services are one of the strongest around in Warren, MI. Here at Complete Care Chiropractic Clinic, we look forward to returning your body to optimal wellness.

It starts with what and when you eat or drink. Our team recommends proper nutrition practices alongside the nutritional supplements we offer. Oftentimes, a patient has the right intention when seeking our nutritional counseling, yet follow-through might be challenging. Our doctors will assess your specific needs and provide an individualized plan that requires responsible journal of food (ie. a food diary) and periodic check-in's with our staff.

Your Nutrition Guidelines with us in Warren, MI

The Benefits of Nutritional Counseling

Not everyone can do it alone, especially when it involves nutrition awareness and education. Whatever questions you have regarding what foods are comparable to which nutritional supplement is our specialty. We start with a thorough health history of your dietary tactics, guide you towards better choices and follow-up with your progress.
If you're currently taking a multitude of supplements, yet unsure how they interact with each other, let us know and we'll steer you in the right direction. Supplementation is to be part of a weight loss and overall nutrition plan, not the main source of your nutrients. Food is your sustainability towards optimal health. In Warren, MI, our doctors and chiropractic team work together to help your journey from start to finish.

Wellness protocol with Complete Care Chiropractic Clinic is the cornerstone of good mental and physical health. Nutritional counseling is providing your body with the fuel it needs to remain active and alert throughout the day.
Below are the significant benefits of proper nutrition:

    • Strong bones
    • Sharper mental focus
    • Weight moderation
    • Increased energy levels
    • Lifelong awareness of the importance of healthy foods and beverages

We want to stress that nutrition is not the same as "dieting. "Dieting involves restriction under the guidance of a licensed medical practitioner, whereas nutritional counseling is offered by our doctors who restore and renew the whole of the body. What you're eating and drinking is just as vital as what healing modalities you employ with our clinic. The thoroughness of nutrition accompanies the thoroughness of chiropractic care.

Nutrition For Life

Your health assessment will include how good nutrition works with the ailments our chiropractic team regularly treats. Contact us to schedule an appointment and revive your health! You can call us at 586-576-0701!


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